Best CPU for RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 super, – Editor’s Choice 2021

While I was looking for the best CPU for gaming, frankly, I hand a rough time. Yes, I am aware of the multiple reviews available via the internet, but trust me, that is not all that I needed.

I have personally tested the items and proved to be perfect for the stated capabilities. The ranking is according to their reliability and support of parallel computing among other high-level computing techniques.

The article first gives a detailed review of the the best CPU for RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 super, and a comparison table if you need a quicker decision. And then gives a well-detailed buyer's guide on the critical things you should consider for the best CPU for RTX 2070 super.

Comparison Table of The Best CPU for RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 super

Detailed Reviews for CPU for RTX 2070 and RTX 2070 super

6. Intel Core i5 9600KF processor

 Intel Core i5-9600KF


This item from the Intel brand has quite a reliable performance. Why do I say so? It has a quite enhanced clock speed, cache and a higher number of threads to avail the fastest possible rate.

Its clock speed is rated at 3700 MHz for fast executions. To improve its execution speed is a cache of 9mb, which helps in quick retrieval of the data. It has up to 12 threads, which are highly relevant when dealing with tasks that require multithreading.

Even more exceptional, the clock speed supports Overclocking.  However, when it comes to its compatibility, it is only limited to Intel 300 series motherboard.

When it comes to the heat transfer, it has a solder thermal interface material. As a result, there is a maximum heat transfer to the cooler, which elevates the longevity of this CPU.


  • Supports multithreading and parallel computing efficiently
  • Higher clock rate hence a fast speed
  • It can be unlocked and overclockable
  • Efficient heat transfer


  • A noisier CPU

5. AMD Ryzen 7 3700X 16 thread processor

Perfect for rendering and video editing

 AMD Ryzen 7 3700X


Additionally, if you need the best CPU for rendering that will give the best images, this will serve you best. What promises that functionality? That is because of its 7-nanometer technology, which increases its efficiency, among many other features.

It has an ultra-fast FPS performance, which results in a faster CPU. Still, this fast speed is also improved by its super speedy clock rate. Its cache is not left out in this fantastic construction.

This memory is of 36MB.  It allows faster retrieval of data even in a multitasking environment. The eight cores of this processor, which results in 16 threads, qualify it as the right choice for gamers and programmers.

The most common risk to the CPU is overheating, resulting from reduced heat transmission to the cooler. Good enough, this CPU has an AMD wraith prism cooler. Resultantly, it has a perfect heat transmission for safe cooling.


  • Speedy FPS performance
  • Huge cache memory which increases its reliability
  • Faultless cooling system
  • 7-nanometer technology for higher efficiency


  • This processor is quite noisy
  • High power consumption

4. Intel BX80684I79700KF i7 desktop processor

 Intel BX80684I79700KF


Are you a severe PC enthusiast? Then this processor from the world-respected Intel company might be of interest. Its construction majorly focuses on excellent thermal design power, fast speed, and huge memory.

To begin is the eight cores, which results in 16 threads. As a result, it supports the parallel computing technique. Besides, is it's reliable cache memory of 12 MB, this processor supports the Optane memory. Correspondingly, it is quite fast.

Further,this CPU is constructed to last longer. Why do I say so? It has a fantastic thermal design power, which foresees an excellent heat transmission to the cooler. But even better, it has a recommendable TDP rating, which results in less power consumption.

Lastly, on this processor is its max turbo frequency, which is up to 4.90GHZ. Thus,  with this fast speed, it can also be used for gaming. But even better, it is an overclockable processor that guarantees more reliable operations. 


  • Easily overclocks to 5GHZ
  • Fantastic when multitasking
  • A reliable cache memory
  • It has a dependable speed for pc users.


  • It lacks hyperthreading of 9900k
  • Not recommendable for gaming

3. AMD Ryzen 5 2600 processor

AMD Ryzen 5 2600


Further, this processor is like no other. That is due to its expert crafting that doesn't only focus on high performance but also longevity. If you think I am kidding or else overpraising it, then you are yet to check on its highly enhanced features.

The feature that wins for me is the AMD storeMI technology, which is quite advantageous. This technology improves on boot time as well as the load times. As if that is not sufficient, it makes the file management quite easier on the contagious memory.

Nevertheless, its clock rate seeks to unleash the real power of a high functioning processor. Its frequency is quite high and also supports overclocking.

The massive cache memory of 19mb comes in to make things even better. Honestly, with such type of crafting, I am not aware of anything that will hinder fast speed execution even when multitasking.

Though what makes it more recommendable to the PC users is its support of windows 10 64 bit, Ubuntu, RHEL, alongside its six cores. Similarly, it has up to 12 threads for more excellent reliability in a multitasking environment.


  • It has a Wraith Stealth cooler.
  • A huge cache memory
  • Multiple threads for multitasking
  • Extensive support of many operating systems


  • The TDP rating need to be little lower
  • Does not come with cooling equipment

2. Intel Core i7-9700k turbo unlocked processor

 Intel Core i7-9700K


Regular desktops users need to give the cache and threads of the CPU more considerable attention. Why? That is because their type of CPU needs to support parallel computing for multitasking. The Intel Core I7 processor is a type of processor required for such applications

It has a cache memory of 12mb, which is quite reliable for fast access to data. Also, it has 16 threads. With such a high number of threads, then multitasking is fully supported.

Additionally, it has a clock speed of 3.6GHZ. Alongside that, fast speed is the 41 GB/s maximum memory bandwidth. As a result of these two indispensable features, this processor is fantastic not only for gaming, but also for streaming and recording simultaneously.


  • Reliable when downclocking
  • Less noise compared to most processors
  • Perfect for parallel computing
  • Massive temporary memory
  • Supports up to 64 GB memory


  • Extremely hot on a cyborg h7 quad
  • Only one core runs at 4.9ghz

1. AMD Ryzen 5 3600 6-core 12-thread processor

 AMD Ryzen 5 3600


Honestly, this processor from the AMD brand is an excellent example of how a gaming processor should look like. Talk of its fast speed, massive cache, the overclocking support, and much more amazing functionalities. Let's have in-depth details on its construction for a more profound conviction.

It is a standard requirement that a gaming CPU should have massive temporary storage for better experiences. For that reason, the manufacturer played an expert by placing a cache memory of 35MB.

Nonetheless, a fast speed is what a processor of its kind should promise. Unsurprisingly, it has a frequency of 4.4GHZ alongside the FPS performance of a lightning-speed. As a result, it supports most of the world's most popular games.  

To top-up is the 7-nanometer technology. This type of construction is quite handy in increasing its efficiency as well as making it less noisy.

It has up to 12 threads to allow multithreading, which is a common feature in gaming programs.


  • A vast game cache for better performance
  • It allows unlocking
  • Due to its constructing technology, it is less noisy
  • Credits to the immense clock speed which avail speedy processor


  • Does not play well with Nvidia RTX 2700
  • Highly prone to overheating

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Buyer's Guide

1. Cores

This is the first feature that you should check while looking for the best CPU. Why? That is because it affects the CPUs performance as well as energy consumption. Before going that deep, what is a core in a CPU?

CPU core refers to the separate processing units inside the central processing units. Cores make it possible to execute several commands simultaneously as if the computer had multiple central processing units.

What does the core have to do with the CPU? As indicated earlier, it affects the overall performance speed of all the programs executed by the use of parallel computing or multithreading. With that, we can conclude that the higher the core rating, the faster is the CPU.

Fast cores usually have a rating of beyond i7. However, if the computer's speed is not your concern, you can get a core of a lower rating. 

2. Threads

Basically, threads are what make it possible for the CPU's to execute multiple commands simultaneously. You can simply refer to it as a sequence of instructions. It determines the number of commands that can run at a time and the highest level of code that the CPUs can perform.

How do you identify the number of threads in a CPU? Standardly, every core has two threads. Thus, for instance, an i3 core will have six threads. Ideally, the more is the number of threads, the better is the computer performance.

3. Clock speed

Also known as the clock rate refers to the frequency at which the central processing unit can generate the pulses. Chiefly, it is what determines the speed at which the CPU will execute a command.

This key feature of a CPU is measured in cycles per second, which is equivalent to hertz. Commonly, the clock speed is measured in megahertz or gigahertz, whereby one megahertz is equal to one million hertz (cycles per second). On the other hand, one gigahertz is equal to a billion hertz.

With that understanding, you can agree with me when I say that the higher the clock speed rating, the faster is the processor. 

4. Cache

Cache in a CPU helps to reduce the time and energy spent while accessing the data. What is a cache? Simply, we can refer to it as the short term memory which the CPU stores the quickly retrieved data. The CPU visits the cache first before accessing the main memory.

Every CPU comes with its cache. That might make you wonder how does the cache have to do with you?

To explain that, let me highlight the issue of cache hit and miss. Cache hits refer to a situation whereby the CPU has successfully retrieved the necessary data. In contrast, a miss refers to a situation whereby the CPU fails to retrieve the data.

Many caches misses slows down the computer. And strictly speaking, such a memory is not recommendable. Consequently, you should always have a higher cache- or temporary storage. The Most fast fast CPUs use a cache of above 10mb.

5. Thermal design power

Usually abbreviated as TDP, refers to the maximum amount of the heat that the processor generates when running real applications. This heat is generally dissipated by the cooling system of the computer, such as the fan.

While purchasing my first computer, I wondered how this was my concern, which I guess might also be troubling you.

This is the catch. The higher the TDP rating, the much the heat the CPU dissipates. And considering that the heat is the byproduct of the electricity consumed, the higher the TDP, the greater the energy consumption.


The central processing unit is the most critical part of a computer. In other words, it can limit the programs and commands that the computer can perform. Digging deeper to the CPU, it contains the core, cache memory, clock rate, and threads.

All these components of the CPU have various constructions which determine the functionality of the CPU.

What should you know to get the right CPU? What about the best CPU for RTX 2070. All that and much will be answered by reading this article. It will leave you with the needed knowledge to choose the right CPU.

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