Best X370 Motherboards, Reviews & Buyers Guide

A motherboard is the predominant computer component. It acts as the point of connection of all other computer components such as hard drives, sound cards, CPU, ports, optical drives, to mention only a few.  Thus, knowledge is essential if you are planning to purchase a motherboard

Further gaming and coding computers require the high-speed functionality. For that reason, the X370 motherboards are exceedingly recommendable due to their swift speed in responding to instructions. Yet, they have fantastic cooling systems, which is necessary, especially for gaming computers.

With over 10 years' experience in computer technology and engineering, here is my detailed research on the best X370 motherboard in the market. Still, I will highlight some of the critical things you should look for in a fast and highly efficient motherboard. Let's get started.

Quick Summary

How did we pick the best X370 Motherboard?

While compiling this list, our goal was to not only share what we had heard and seen, but give our review out of the experience. Consequently, we individually tested these items before reviewing them.

First was a beehive of activity of preparing a list of the best x 370 motherboard brands, which include ASUS, AS rock, and MSI. Later was highlighting one of their truest motherboards craftings. It was the most challenging part of the entire process, since we didn't rely only on the manufacturers' feedback, but also we had to consult experts in computer engineering.

Lastly, after eliminating some of the items, it was the hands-on part. We hired some of the products and leased them for testing. After, it was ranked based on their performances.  It is our pleasure to confidently stand on our word and present some of the best X370 motherboards in the market.

To add, we will provide a buyer's guide, which also helped us while making the selection.

Asus Prime X370-Pro AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 DP Motherboard

Best for programming, video editing

Fast connectivity is quite crucial. No one needs a computer that takes forever to connect to a printer or even Bluetooth. That is what sets the Asus prime motherboard apart. It boasts an exceptional connectivity speed. Actually, it incorporates a 3.1 type A+C USB whose connectivity speed is over 10GB/s.

Though, that is where all its matchless crafting begins.

Moving on is 5-way optimization. Such a higher optimization level wipes away all complicated settings to just a simple click for better straightforward controls.

Also, this best x370 AM4 Ryzen motherboard from the ASUS brand supports overclocking. Resultantly, if you need to increase your computer's speed, you can effortlessly increase the CPU clocking rate for better performances.

For gamers, here is a feature to ensure you look forward to the next gaming experience. It has the latest gaming connectivity, M.2, and USB 3.1

Similarly, due to the expected extreme overheating in a gaming computer, this motherboard has the most excellent cooling system. There are the water-cooling headers, which deliver the most authentic and efficient cooling mechanism.

 ASUS Prime X370-Pro AMD Ryzen AM4 DDR4 DP



  • Fast HD 2000 series processors
  • Pcleslot
  • RGB lighting
  • Eight cores CPU support

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    The cooling water headers are quite efficient in cooling
    Its metal framing provides a firmly attached PCIeport
    A quite user-friendly 3D printing mount
    Allows automatic overclocking 
  • Cons
    Some of its users have complained of random reboots

Asus ROG crosshair VI AMD ryzen motherboard

Best motherboard for programmers and gamers

Powered with the HD 2000 series processor is the ROG motherboard, which gives super-fast connectivity. Yet to maximize its operations, this excellent performing motherboard contains an onboard 802.11AC WIFI. Thus unsurprising, it is rated among the fastest motherboards and much recommended to programmers or fields requiring intense research.

Above that?

It is an auto-tuning fan Xpert feature which supports automatic overclocking. Thus, if you feel your CPU is not fast enough, you can quickly increase its clock rate for faster operations.

Likewise, it has dual patent-pending safeslots. As a result, its ports have more robust anchoring, which is ideal, especially for the heavyweight GPU's

Even better, this item, which is worth considering, has up to 8 channels. Channels are the signal paths in a motherboard. Thus, with such a high number of channels, this motherboard can support many peripheral devices.

Yet for gamers and programmers is an Intel Ethernet controller.  This Ethernet reduces the CPU overhead to retain its operations optimized and offers consistent UDP for more gaming power throughout.

Asus ROG Crosshair VI Hero



  • DDR4 RAM technology
  • Socket AM4 processor socket
  • 1 HDMI port
  • 4 memory slots 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    It has a super-fast connectivity speed
    Supports automatic overclocking for better performances
    It has an excellent cooling system
    It has up to 8 channels 
  • Cons
    Its thunderbolt support is quite limited

ASROCK Socket AM4 Quad crossfire motherboard

Best motherboard for scientific research 

One of the primary factors to consider while looking for a motherboard used in a scientific research field is the RAM and speed. The Ram should be huge with the fastest speed and recommendable supports overclocking.

That is the key reason why this item appears on our list. For facts, it has a random access memory of up to 64 GB. Consequently, you can simultaneously execute several commands without the computer hanging.

When it comes to speed, this motherboard has a nine power design and incorporates the CrossFireXtechnology. That crafting technology significantly increases its execution speed, and if you feel unsatisfied, you can overclock the central processing unit.

Beyond that are its memory slots and the PCI-E graphics card interface. It has 4.0 memory slots, which enhances media transfers. It is one of the finest graphics interfaces that allow the smooth exchange of information from the motherboard—consequently generating crystal clear images.

What's unique?

Well, the graphic interface uses the PCI Express technology. This technology is an upgrade from the traditional complex PCI. Due to its simplicity, it consumes lesser power and helps in streamlining the bandwidth.

ASRock Socket AM4/ AMD Promontory X370



  • DDR4 RAM technology
  • 8-pin main power connector
  • 64 GB Ram
  • 2.0 Memory slots 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    It has a 95W cooling fan, which is extremely efficient
    A large random access memory
    It supports a graphic interface
    Dual-channel for more peripheral devices
  • Cons
    It does not support the RYZEN 5 2600X

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzed ATX motherboard

Best motherboard for image editing and gaming

Addedly is the MSI Ryzed ATX motherboard, which is the epitome of gamers and image editor's motherboards. Why?

It has the DDR4 Ram technology,which increases its speed needed for a memorable gaming experience. Yet, this RAM technology enhances the overclocking capabilities to a whole new level with much more stability.

What's more?

Likewise, this MSI motherboard has the PCI-E graphical interface, which is respected in conserving power consumption and delivering the most authentic screen images.

Even better, its graphical interface is enhanced with steel Armor slots.  That remarkable design makes it possible to handle heavyweight graphic cards and protect the interface from harmful electromagnetic interferences. 

Due to the intense heat generated while gaming, a fully functional fan is indispensable. Consequently, this motherboard has full fan control alongside excellent fan headers.  This cooling system will always keep your PC at optimal temperatures for optimal performance.

Also, its ports are more than enough.  It supports up to 10 USB ports and even a display port. Thus, it will be useful if you are always connected several components simultaneously.

MSI Gaming AMD Ryzen X370



  • AM4 microprocessor socket
  • DDR4 RAM technology
  • 10 USB ports
  • 1 HDMI port

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    It has up to 6 SATA ports
    Has more than enough USB ports
    The PCI express steel slots prevent damage when handling heavyweight graphics
    Its overclocking is relatively high 
  • Cons
    It uses 2.0 USB ports, which are not compatible with VMWare

ASRock X370 promontory SATA x370 ATX motherboard

Best motherboard for institutions

Are you working in an environment that generates bundles of data and looking for the appropriate motherboard? The ASRock x370 ATX motherboard may be what you are looking for.

It has the Serial AT attachment (SATA) level 3, which improves the data transfer to mass storage devices like optical drives or hard disks.

Similarly, if you need to transfer the data to an external device, worry less. There is the USB port of grade 2.0, which shares the data externally at a fast speed.

Further, this motherboard's temporary memory makes it possible to have several files, running concurrently without reducing the execution speed. Generally, the DDR4 random access memory aims at maintaining consistent fast speed even in a busy environment. 

The graphical card interface is another thing that this best AM4 x370 motherboard boasts. It provides not only sharp images, but also reinforced to keep the motherboard safe from electromagnetic interferences.

ASRock X370 Gaming X Fatal1ty AM4 AMD Promontory X370



  • 1024 MB memory storage capacity
  • 2.0 USB port
  • PCI-E graphics card interface
  • 16GB DDR4 RAM 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Its connectivity is greatly maximized
    Produces quite sharp images
    It has an excellent cooling system
    Its RAM focuses on maintaining consistent fast speed 
  • Cons
    The cooling fans function by alternating, which may reduce their speed

Who should buy an X370 motherboard?

The X370 motherboard is for everyone who needs to upgrade the computer speed, especially when gaming or coding. Also, it is the best motherboard if you want more ports that are well-supported. To sum up, if you are a heavy computer user, its enhanced random access memory meets your requirements.

In other words, it is a go-for motherboard if you need to upgrade your computer use experience to a fast one, boosting temporary storage, or when increasing the connections of the peripheral device.

Essential features to consider when buying an X370 motherboard

We are often lured into thinking that all we need is an expensive budget to get the market's best item. While that may be true, it is quite debatable. Considering there are counterfeit items and yet sellers who are likely to be selfish and overprice the items, we need to think twice.

Keeping that aside, motherboards specifications are limited to a specific computer model. Meaning, not every x370 motherboard that will be compatible with your computer.

What's my point?

To guarantee that you get an item worth your money and compatible with your needs, some factors are to be considered below are some of them;


The motherboard is the central connection point of most input-output devices of a computer. Thus, it is vital to consider the anticipated connection ports needed

Some of the standard ports that you should consider are;

  • USB 3- this port connects with most of the peripheral devices. Hence, the motherboard needs to have one.
  • USB 2- this port is usually for the keyboard and mouse, and other output devices
  • HDMI- if you will be using an extra output device such as a television, you should consider an HDMI or display output port
  • Audio ports- due to the increased use of earphones and headphones, it is recommendable that you purchase a motherboard that supports audio ports


Random-access memory (RAM) is the temporary storage of computer data before saving in a permanent storage device

The size of Ram needed is dependent on the use of your computer. For instance, gaming computers require a motherboard with a huge RAM. However, it is recommendable to have a ram of at least 16GB.

Processor socket

The central processing unit, CPU, is said to be the brain of a computer. Thus, it is quite significant. The CPU resides in a motherboard. Therefore, when purchasing a new motherboard, you should first consider the CPU needed.

After identifying what CPU you will be using, it is time to look for a compatible motherboard.

To identify a compatible motherboard, you can look at the processor socket. Today, some of the popular processor sockets include LGA, BGA, and PGA. The Intel CPU's use LGA processor sockets. On the other hand, the AMD processors are compatible with PGA processor sockets.

Final Thoughts

The motherboard significantly affects the functioning of your computer. For that reason, wisdom and knowledge are fundamental when purchasing a motherboard. Otherwise, you will be risking a laptop that takes forever to execute a simple instruction.

If you feel that your current motherboard has been wasting much of your time or needing to support several peripheral devices, you should try out the X370 motherboard. I have compiled an honest, detailed review of the best X370 motherboards that you can choose from.To ensure you are not stuck debating on which item to purchase, you can go through the buyer's guide section.

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