How Long Do Motherboards Last? How to Extend the Life of a Gaming Motherboard?

PC gaming remains one of the most popular electronic sports. Nowadays, there are personal computers made specifically for gaming. These computers have powerful, heavy-duty gaming motherboards that can withstand countless hours of non-stop gaming. But have you ever wondered how long do motherboards last?  This guide will reveal the regular lifespan of a gaming motherboard and how to improve the life of your gaming motherboard.

How long do motherboards last?

According to experts, a gaming motherboard lasts for 4 to 5 years. This is considered regular gaming use and using a computer in a regular gaming environment. You might say this is too soon for a motherboard to expire, but consider that this hardware is where everything else is connected. Think of a motherboard as a large power strip where all the computer’s components are plugged to connect to a CPU (central processing unit) or chip. If the motherboard fails, everything fails as well.

You can extend the life of your gaming motherboard to give it a couple of years more. Since most computer components are constantly being upgraded, it’s also necessary to upgrade every five years or less to a better, faster, and more efficient board.

How to extend the life of motherboards?

Before we head to the different techniques to boost the life of your motherboard, let’s first highlight the reasons why you should follow these techniques.

  • A healthy motherboard will perform better and faster
  • A well-maintained motherboard will last longe
  • A good performing motherboard will less likely to act up
  • A well-managed motherboard will communicate well with the CPU and other major components

Motherboards are maintained by

Keeping the board clean and dust-free

A dirty motherboard will fail faster than a well-kept one. If your PC tower has not received any cleaning or vacuuming, chances are, your motherboard will be caked with dust, hair, and lint. When this happens, the different parts of the board will be unable to function well plus, any heat generated by any of these components will be trapped within the board causing the entire board to overheat.

Also, motherboards may become damaged because of short circuits due to the build-up of heat. To avoid this, you must schedule regular cleaning of your motherboard and the interior part of your PC. Use a blower or a vacuum to suck up all the dust and dirt. Using a feather duster or a soft brush can also help but a vacuum can help remove all the dust safely without damaging the different computer components. If there is stuck or stubborn dirt, use a cotton tip applicator moistened with alcohol to remove the dirt carefully.

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Keeping the board cool

The best way to extend the life of your motherboard is to keep the components cool. When the high temperature is unchecked, the different components of the motherboard will fail and will become damaged soon. Therefore, it’s important to improve air circulation in and around the CPU. To do this, improve the tower casing specs, and see to it that there is enough ventilation inside. There must be around 6 inches of space around the tower.

There must be enough fans inside the tower and these must be placed strategically. First, there must be an intake fan that leads fresh, cool air from the outside of the tower to the inside. Next, one or two fans should take hot, humid air out of the CPU. Some users prefer to use two or more fans inside the casing while some improve the overall design of the casing instead of adding more fans. Take note, fans make a lot of noise and vibration; these may affect the CPU, motherboard, and other major components.

Also, place the CPU tower away from external heat sources. Place it away from a heating vent, a radiator, or other equipment or devices that emit heat. Even external heat sources can affect the motherboard and extended exposure to this outside heat source may lead to warping of the motherboard.

Checking the power supply

The PC power supply is a major component that supplies power to the entire board and all the components. If your power supply is acting up, it can produce an unstable amount of power causing the motherboard to go haywire. If the voltage is too much, it can fry the circuit and burn everything until you can’t use your computer anymore. So, as soon as you notice that your power supply is causing trouble, replace it with a new and stable unit.

Using a convenient surge protector

Use a good quality surge protector to keep your CPU, motherboard, and all components safe from any power surge or lightning strike. If you don’t use a surge protector, even the slightest current change, unexpected power interruptions and lighting can damage your board.

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Monitoring your PC for signs of a failing motherboard

Extend the life of your motherboard by making regular checks for any signs of failure as well as an overheating system. Most updated CPUs and towers have a built-in temperature sensor that can easily check for any overheating. Also, take note of your PC slowing down, poor gaming performance, or booting up taking longer than usual, all these may be signs of an overheating PC or failing motherboard.


  • What is a gaming motherboard?

    A gaming motherboard is intended for gaming because it is equipped with better and faster components to help users improve their gaming experience.

  • Is a gaming motherboard prone to problems?

    Not at all, most gaming motherboards are very durable and will last longer than regular boards.

  • Can you upgrade to a gaming motherboard?

    Yes, you can upgrade to a gaming motherboard, but you also have to consider all your other components to match your new gaming board.

Last Words

Now that you know how long do motherboards last, you can better maintain the efficiency of your board. Gaming motherboards typically last for a long time if a user knows how to properly care for it. Proper ventilation, regular cleaning, and using a good quality surge protector will all help boost board health and performance.

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