Best Motherboard for i9 9900k, Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

The Intel Core i9-9900K processor is the next generation desktop processor ideal for gaming and generalized multi-tasking activities. This latest Intel chip needs a powerful, efficient, and top-rated motherboard to work seamlessly. With the right motherboard, you won't have problems with overheating and clocking.

If you're using your PC for gaming, you will have a better performance with the best motherboard for the i9-9900K processor.

If you're building your own setup or you're taking steps to upgrade your existing motherboard and components, let us help you find the best motherboard for the i9-9900k chip in this special motherboard review and buyer's quick shopping guide. 

Quick Summary

Best Motherboard for an i9-9900k

Best With Improved Heat Dissipation Design

Best With Faster Wi-Fi & LAN Connectivity

How Did We Pick the Best Motherboard for i9 9900k?

Selecting the best motherboard for an i9-9900k chip is not easy as there are so many impressive products to choose from. Our eight best is from top manufacturers like Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS, and ASRock; these are very popular brands that have proven their worth in producing the best motherboards for all types of computers.

We were able to find the best for i9 9900k by checking out customer reviews and ratings and by studying the different specs very closely.

We hope you’ll find the right motherboard that will let you take advantage of the Intel Core i9-9900K processor's performance.

The following are the best motherboards to consider with an i9-9900k Intel Core chip:

1. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS PRO

The Best Motherboard for an i9-9900k Intel Core chip

One of the most popular motherboard makers in the world is the AORUS PRO. This is called the pro because it is capable of 8th and 9th Gen Intel chips plus it is ready to support Intel Octane Memory. It has improved features that you won’t find in other Gigabyte AORUS motherboard models. 




  • Improved thermal design
    This motherboard has an improved design so it can remain cooler and perform better while in use. There are additional screw-mounted heat pipes and heatsinks to keep the system cooler, two thermal guards to avoid throttling and possible problems due to increased speeds, and the new Smart Fan 5 all to boost PC gaming performance.
  • Improved Wi-Fi connectivity
    The AORUS PRO has the Intel CNVI Wi-Fi that improves Wi-Fi performance for smoother video, faster gaming, and improved overall page loading. You can take advantage of your fast internet Wi-Fi connections with this motherboard for i9-9900K. 
  • With digital LEDs
    This motherboard has a built-in digital LED that will shine brightly against the monochrome design of the AORUS Pro. You can change the LED setting through the RGB Fusion app that goes with your purchase.
  • Durable with AORUS 360 Armor
    You can bet that this motherboard is worth your money as it is one of the most durable. It has a layer of Ultra Durable protection on the I/O, memory, and PCIe protection. Because of Armor protection, you can enhance your system without worries of any breakdowns.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th gen Intel Core chip
  • RAM Memory Size – DDR4
  • Memory Speeds – 4400 MHz
  • Updated Features – Intel Optane memory capacity, improved thermal design, with multi-cut heatsinks
  • Dimensions – 13.18 x 10.62 x 3.14 inches 

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Can work with 8th and 9th Gen Intel chips
    Intel Optane memory capable
    With 12+1 digital VRM and DrMOS
    Improved design added heatsinks and heat pipes
    Supports Bluetooth 5
  • Cons
    Not compatible with Windows 7
    Complaints about faulty heat sink screws

2. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS ULTRA

The Best Choice Motherboard for Improved Heat Dissipation Design

The AORUS Ultra motherboard has an updated design to resist heat build-up inside the tower. It is specifically developed for the i9-9900k chip and aims to provide users the speediest experience, whether the PC is used for daily computing tasks or gaming. The AORUS Ultra has a variety of features you need as you assemble your gaming PC.




  • Improved heat resistant design
    The AORUS Ultra comes with multi-cut heatsinks and a new Direct Touch Heatpipe plus thicker and better thermal pads to offer reliable cooling. It is also equipped with Smart Fan 5 that lets users interchange headers to offer better cooling in different parts of the board. Also, it is equipped with the Triple M.2 Triple Thermal Guard. This feature can prevent throttling and other problems related to high-speed M.2 cards.
  • Let you surf the web faster
    This motherboard comes with Intel fast Wi-Fi that lets you access speeds of up to 1.73 Gbps. At this speed, you can optimize your motherboard for i9-9900K and enjoy smooth, lag-free videos, improved gaming, and faster streaming.
  • Enjoy digital LEDs
    Let your motherboard shine as this comes with digital LEDs. You can change the color and tweak your lights with RGB Fusion, an application that will let you total control. You can even let your motherboard light up according to your preferred color and style.
  • Very strong motherboard
    This motherboard is one of the toughest as it is covered with Gigabyte's Ultra Durable surface protection. You can bet that board is going to last as long as other gaming motherboards for i9-9900K you have used before.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th Gen Intel Core chip
  • RAM Memory Size – DDR4
  • Memory Speeds – 4400 MHz
  • Updated Features – ready to support Intel Optane Memory, with wave 2 Wi-Fi connectivity and improved thermal design
  • Dimensions – 13.58 x 11.57 x 3.14 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Comes with updated thermal design
    Will produce very fast Wi-Fi signals
    With improved CPU fans and triple thermal guard
    With LEDs, controlled using an application
    Very durable motherboard with AORUS 360 Armor
  • Cons
    Problems with the retention clips
    Overclocking issues

3. ASUS ROG Strix Z390-E Gaming Motherboard

The Best Motherboard for Faster Wi-Fi & LAN Connectivity

The ASUS ROG Strix is a gaming motherboard that matches the versatility of the i9-9900k chip. It has improved features, better connectivity, enhanced audio, and faster Wi-Fi connectivity. It may be the gaming motherboards for i9-9900K you're searching for. 

Asus ROG Strix Z390-E



  • With 5-way optimization
    This motherboard has a revised system that overclocks a chip according to thermal monitoring and prediction. It can produce desired overclocking results that other motherboards can’t and thus, it can optimize your entire system without having to make manual adjustments.
  • With a cool design
    This motherboard is cooler because of so many thermal features. It comes with the FanXpert 4 that will remove heat better to keep the chip cooler and faster. It is already equipped with a PWM/DC header, which is needed by self-contained water cooling systems.
  • Improved audio functions
    It has the SupremeFX, for flat-frequency response to preserve audio signals better. Even the front-panel I/O panel has been revamped to allow you to enjoy gaming or video audio and play like a pro.
  • Easy to install for DIYers
    If you are assembling your PC, then this motherboard will make things easier and faster. It has the SafeSlot that ensures that all the components are firmly placed on the board with stable Q-DIMM clips for simple and secure memory chip handling. This mobo also comes with the MemOK II that will fix any boot failure almost automatically which is mostly due to instability and overclocking.
  • Enjoy a light show
    Lights while your game is possible with this motherboard as it is equipped with snazzy aesthetics through the ASUS Aura RGB lighting. This light show can be integrated with all other Aura-capable hardware made by ASUS.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th to 9th gen Intel Core chips
  • RAM Memory – DDR4
  • Motherboard Platform – Windows 10
  • Updated Features – with Dual M.2, updated Wi-Fi, USB 3.1 version, FanXpert 4, Gamer’s Guardian, and pre-mounted I/O shield
  • Dimensions – 13.50 x 3.03 x 10.75 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Enhanced 5-Way Optimization
    Designed for improved cooling
    With SupremeFX for enhanced audio
    With built-in RGB LEDs
    Tougher PCIe, strong Q-DIMM clip
    Easy to install
  • Cons
    Complaints that it should have more customization features

4. MSI MEG Z390 ACE LGA 1151

The Best MSI Motherboard for i9-9900k Intel Core Chip

The MSI MEG Z390 ACE is one of the most popular gaming motherboards from the brand. It is compatible with 8th to 9th gen Intel Core chips and earlier Celeron and Pentium Gold chips. It offers faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, better I/O, and enhanced audio. 




  • Improved transfer speeds and thermal regulation
    Because of MSI's Triple Turbo M.2 and the Shield Frozr, this mobo has faster transfer speeds and improved heat dissipation with an extended heatsink. This will prevent throttling and is the ideal setup that's perfect for gaming and high-speed PC tasks. 
  • Faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    This motherboard has an improved LAN port that's needed for faster and more efficient gaming. It also has enhanced Wi-Fi for different online computing.
  • Improved rear and front I/O ports
    With better front and rear I/O, assembly is better, faster, and safer. The I/O is well-grounded and thus protects the ports from any electrostatic discharge coming from external factors.
  • Enhanced audio
    This motherboards for i9-9900K has the Audio Boost HD equipped with the Nahimic 3 from its HD ALC1220 audio chip enhanced amps and audio capacitors. You’ll enjoy the best audio as you play and enjoy your favorite movies and videos.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chip, Intel Pentium Gold, and Intel Celeron
  • Updated Features – Killer E2500 LAN, updated Wi-Fi, two front USB version 3.1 Gen 2 Type-C socket, rainbow LED, Mystic Light
  • Dimensions – 12.00 x 9.60 x 1.20 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    With magic lighting, personalized lighting effects
    With faster Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
    Faster PC speeds and improved thermal regulation
    With improved audio
    Better rear and front I/O panels protect against electrostatic discharge
  • Cons
    Complaints that the board is too light with a flex at the center

5. Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER

The Best Motherboard for i9-9900k Intel Chip With Enhanced Fan Feature

The Gigabyte Z390 AORUS Master is a motherboard that supports 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chips plus dual-channel DDR4. It has 4 DIMMs with an integrated I/O shield and is ready for Intel Optane. This is optimized for gaming with better thermal regulation and fan headers with the new Fan Stop feature.

 Gigabyte Z390 AORUS MASTER



  • Improved thermal design
    You can play online games and stream movies and other online content non-stop without worrying about overheating as this come with the new Fins-Array heatsink, thermal baseplate, and improved heat pipe. It also has Triple Thermal Guards to match M.2 SSD connected devices. This system dissipates heat better to prevent throttling and problems with these devices.
  • Faster Wi-Fi connectivity
    Get faster Wi-Fi connections thanks to the Intel fast Wi-Fi. It improves overall wireless capabilities and thus, you'll get smoother videos, faster gaming response, and improved the overall experience.
  • Improved audio
    The AORUS is better than other Gigabyte models as it comes with the ESS Sabre DAC audio system along with Realtek's ALC1220 that supports surround sound audio and SD-enabled audio. You'll love the Nichicon Fine Gold components that power the audio system.
  • Stronger motherboard for i9-9900K
    The AORUS Master is protected with the 360 Armor that is the best protection against surges and problems due to heating and shock. It is a good way to back up a strong motherboard if you're building a gaming PC.
  • Faster USB charging for different devices
    You can charge external devices fast as this comes with the USB TurboCharger. It can charge Apple and Android devices even those with fast-charging functions.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chips
  • RAM Memory Size – DDR4
  • Memory Speeds – 4400 Mhz
  • Updated Features - Intel Optane Memory capable, Bluetooth 5, improved thermal design, enhanced Wi-Fi and audio
  • Dimensions – 13.58 x 11.57 x 3.14 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Improved thermal design
    Very fast Wi-Fi
    Better audio suite
    With triple thermal guards
    With the USB TurboCharger
    Stronger motherboard
  • Cons
    Complaints with the bios
    Problems with the RGB headers
    Problems with non-working memory slots


The Best ASUS Motherboard for 8th & 9th Intel Core Processor For Fast & Easy Assembly

The ASUS ROG Maximums is a motherboard for i9-9900K that’s ready for 8th and 9th gen Intel core chips and other previous chip models. It supports DDR4-SDRAM with its 64GB dual-channel slots. The design utilizes an efficient ATX form factor that allows you to assemble your gaming setup fast and easy. 

 ASUS ROG Maximus



  • Compatible with 8th and 9th gen chips
    This mobo is designed to work with the latest 8th and 9th gen Intel core chips and even previous Intel chip models Pentium Gold and Celeron. Expect faster responses, reduced lag times, and better computing power thanks to this combination.
  • More efficient I/O ports
    All the I/O ports are optimized for all types of users especially gamers. You can connect your gaming mouse or keyboard, the latest display/monitor with the DisplayPort, and many more.
  • More stable with increased bandwidth
    Enjoy faster and more stable computing with this motherboards for i9-9900K as it utilizes its serial point-to-point connections. It is also designed for enhanced cooling so you can play more without worrying about overheating and throttling.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chips, Celeron, Pentium Gold chips
  • RAM Memory – DDR4
  • Chipset – Intel Z390
  • Updated Features – Dual-channel SDRAM and DDR4, with updated ports, I/O, 3 years warranty from ASUS
  • Dimensions - 3.94 x 3.94 x 3.94 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    With a single-chipset design
    Supports 8th and 9th gen Intel chips, Pentium and Celeron
    Improved stability and bandwidth
    Easy to assemble
  • Cons
    Complaints about overclocking and throttling

7. ASRock Motherboard Z390 Phantom Gaming

The Best Motherboard for i9-9900k Intel Core Chip from ASRock

The ASRock Motherboard Z390 is equipped with the latest features built for ultimate gaming. It supports the latest 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chips plus, it has smart features for improved thermal resistance and improved connectivity. 

 ASRock Motherboard



  • Compatible with 8th and 9th gen chips
    The ASRock Motherboard is built for the latest Intel Core chips, which promise better gaming and computing performance. It maximizes the capabilities of 8th and 9th gen chips to the fullest. 
  • Faster and less heat retention
    This ASRock motherboard is built for gaming and thus, it is designed for improved heat resistance and better heat flow so you won't suffer from lags, throttling, and other problems related to overheating.
  • With the latest Bluetooth and Wi-Fi
    You'll enjoy faster Bluetooth connectivity as it is equipped with the latest Bluetooth version 5.0. This will let you connect your wireless gaming keyboards, mouse, audio gear, and more. You also get faster Wi-Fi, which is essential for gaming, streaming, and all-around computing use.
  • Enhanced audio
    Expect better audio and improved audio performance when you’re gaming with this ASRock motherboard. It is ready with the Nichicon Audio which helps boost the audio performance so you’ll feel like a gaming pro.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th and 9th gen Intel core chips
  • RAM Memory – DDR4
  • Updated Features – dual-channel, Bluetooth 5.0 version
  • Dimensions – 8.90 x 7.30 x 3.20 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Supports the latest multi-core gaming processors from Intel
    Equipped with enhanced memory slots
    With the latest Bluetooth version
    Easy to install
    With improved Nichicon Audio
    Faster Wi-Fi with Intel Gigabit Ethernet
  • Cons
    Problems with installation
    Complaints about I/O


The Best Motherboard for i9-9900k With Top Audio & RGB Lighting

The MSI MEG Z390 is one of the most popular gaming motherboards of the brand. It has updated features meant for gaming and overall faster computing performance. It is equipped with improved audio, Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity, and more efficient heat management features.




  • Cool Mystic Light Infinity
    Enjoy the light show as you play your favorite online games. You'll love to customize the Mystic Light Infinity with 16.8 million colors and more than 25 light effects.
    Better audio with Nahimic 3
    This motherboard is equipped with Xtreme Audio along with built-in amps, capacitors, and the Nichicon gold capacitors. This mobo comes with a dedicated ESS amp and a convenient 6.3-millimeter headphone socket.
  • Network Extender
    You'll game all day with the Killer xTend Network Extender as it can turn this motherboard into an enhanced extension bridge. This can work for wired and even wired connections.
  • Improved transfer speeds
    With the Triple Turbo M.2 plus Shield Frosz, you can faster transfer speeds for gaming, video or movie streaming, and also for all around regular computing. And don't worry about your system heating up as this setup prevents thermal throttling and overheating.
  • Better dashboard functionality
    This motherboard is managed by a dynamic dashboard where you can view the status of your hardware, debug codes, and other very useful information.


  • Processor Socket – LGA 1151
  • Compatible Processor – 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chips, Pentium Gold and Celeron
  • RAM Memory – DDR4
  • Updated Features – with Killer Wireless Wi-Fi and LAN, Mystic Light Infinity, improved heat resistance
  • Dimensions – 12.00 x 10.70 x 1.20 inches

Pros & Cons

  • Pros
    Compatible with 8th and 9th gen Intel Core chips and previous Pentium Gold and Celeron series chips
    With improved audio
    With enhanced LAN, Wi-Fi, and I/O ports
    With Mystic Light Infinity to let you enjoy timed and themed lighting
    Easy to assemble 
  • Cons
    Complaints about connectivity
    Complaints about assembly

Who Should Buy a Motherboard for i9 9900k?

Anyone who wants to assemble a gaming keyboard with an i9-99kk chip should check out a compatible motherboard.

These motherboards were designed to work with the i9-9900k Intel Core chip and thus, these will maximize the performance of these updated, high-end processors.

If you're into gaming and hard-core computer use, only a compatible i9-9900K should be your choice.

Important Features to Consider 

When shopping for a motherboard that’s compatible with the i9-9900k, consider the following things

  • Make sure that the motherboard is indeed compatible with 9th gen Intel Core chips. Usually, motherboards that are compatible with 8th gen chips are also good with 9th gen but still check the specs to be sure.
  • Consider the I/O and check for the ports that you frequently used. This is important since some gaming accessories have other types of connections.
  • Consider Bluetooth 5.0 as this offers better connectivity, farthest connection, additional device connectivity, and more improved wireless features.
  • Check heat dissipation features which are found in the keyboard design. There must be enhanced heatsinks, heat pipes, and possible connections for a water-supplied cooling system.
  • Consider the overall build of the keyboard and the ease of assembly.

Final Thoughts

It's hard to find the right motherboard for an i9-9900k Intel Core chip as there are a lot of options in the market. You must carefully check the specs, make sure that you have the latest components especially connectivity and audio. Finally, heat dissipation is very important because heat is the number one enemy of a gaming motherboard.

With all these considered, you're on the right path to selecting the best motherboard for i9-9900K to amp up your PC gaming.

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