What is Safety Gaming?

SafetyGaming focuses on everything electronics and gaming related, from hardware to the actual games themselves. Since video gaming is already such a big part of my life, it only made sense for me to share with you guys the things I know and love the best!

Here, you can tune in to all my latest experiences and perspectives on gaming gear and electronics. I will post in-depth commentary and reviews, how-to-tips to fixing or upgrading your PCs and consoles, extra nerdy stories of my gaming exploits, and just basically whatever I think might be of bemusement, interest or help to my fellow gamers.

About me

Aiden's the name! Just your typical comic book store and EB Games VIP. I'm a full time God of War 4 obsessed, bagel loving, DOTA2 warrior in training, and an IT professional on the side haha. I'm always keen to connect, so hit me up if there’s anything specific question you’d like answered.