How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

DNS probe finished no internet

When your internet browser displays the DNS probe finished no internet error message, it’s telling you that your computer’s DNS server cannot process your request to connect to a website. This happens when you have no internet access or when something is preventing your computer to load pages. In that case, your browser is informing you … Read more

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error

DNS server not responding

Whether you’re downloading a file, working on an important task, surfing the web, it can be annoying when your internet connection suddenly stops working. Many things may have caused this, but the most common root cause is the DNS server not responding error.The first thing that you may do when you lost your internet connection … Read more

Optical vs Laser Gaming Mouse, Which One Should You Buy?

Laser_ Optical_Gaming Mouse

It’s a great idea to put some thought into buying your gaming mouse. After all, these gaming peripherals don’t necessarily come cheap. Whether you’re looking for a laser gaming mouse or an optical gaming mouse, you should know that the market is filled to the brim with them, making it so easy to just be … Read more

Wired vs Wireless Gaming Headset – Which Is Better For you?

Wireless vs Wired Gaming Headset

For ordinary computer users, it probably does not matter if they use a wired gaming headset or a wireless gaming headset. They probably don’t even know that there’s a significant difference between the two. The case is different, however, for gamers. It does matter which kind you use. Wireless for unrestricted movement, while wired for … Read more

How to Disable Mouse Acceleration in Windows10

Disable Mouse Acceleration Windows10

Do you need to disable mouse acceleration on your device? If you use your mouse for work or school, then this article is probably not for you. Are you a gamer though? If you are, keep on reading until the end. Have you ever played a game and needed to pause a bit to adjust your … Read more

Best Keyboard For Programming and Gaming – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Keyboard For Programming - Editor's Choice 2018

Programming or coding is probably the fastest growing industry in the world right now. There are more and more people that are learning to code and that is great. IT is really stepping up the game, and this industry will grow pretty fast and soon. However, everybody that has a PC needs some good essentials. … Read more

Best Gaming Headset Under $100 – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Gaming Headset Under $100 - Editor's Choice 2018

I always love to carry a nice pair of headphones with me whenever I need to go somewhere. But they are also important for gaming, especially if your favorite games are FPS (First-Person-Shooter). Today I will show you the best gaming headset under $100 for you and I am sure that you will like them.I … Read more

Best Router Under $100 – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Router Under $100 - Editor's Choice 2017

Routers are something that all of us need for their homes or offices. Many people think that quality of router isn’t important, but that’s big nonsense. Today I will help you to buy the best router under $100 without any overthinking.As I said, routers are very important and you will need to pay the price. … Read more

Best Mouse For CS GO – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Mouse For CS GO - Editor's Choice 2017

CS GO is one of the most popular FPS games right now. To be the best at it, you will need amazing skills, but that isn’t just enough. You will also need some great gaming essentials, and I will help you to buy the best mouse for CS GO. You must have good PC, monitor, … Read more