Best Keyboard For Programming and Gaming – Editor’s Choice 2021

Programming or coding is probably the fastest growing industry in the world right now. There are more and more people that are learning to code and that is great. IT is really stepping up the game, and this industry will grow pretty fast and soon. However, everybody that has a PC needs some good essentials. That’s why gamers need good monitor, mouse, keyboard or headphones. I will show you today what is the best keyboard for programming and I am sure that you will like it.

For programming, it is a little easier than that and the only thing that you need be fast and efficient is a good keyboard. I included 7 best keyboards for programming and you can’t go wrong with choosing any of these ones. But the best thing is to stick with me because I will make your decision a lot easier and less stressful. But, if you don’t have time to read the whole article go to the end and see what is the best programming keyboard and why.

 Das Keyboard Model S



Most of the Das keyboards look the same and I like that. This one is simple, black and elegant. It doesn't have any crazy LEDs or something like similar. Build quality is very good.

Das is a well-known brand in keyboard world. They are popular because of the great keyboards with nice typing experiences, but high prices. However, most of their stuff is worth the price tag, and it is a pleasure to use them. This one is pretty new, and it looks just like others. It isn’t anything unique or special, and it doesn’t have some crazy backlit. There is Das logo in the top right corner and that’s it with the branding. Some of the buttons are blue, but there aren’t any other colors. It just looks standard and that is the case with Das. They use their money wisely and they put all the energy into performances and features. However, build quality is really good, and every component is made from high-quality materials and there is zero flexing or breaking under pressure. 


Model S is full of great and useful features. Buttons are very quality, and it is a pleasure to use them. Cherry MX-blue is responsible for this. It also has USB hub with two ports.

This is where Das dominates the field of keyboards. They are using high-end cherry MX-blue switches with nice gold contacts. These are one of the best buttons in this market that I ever tried. The price is high, and there are a lot cheaper options on the market, but Model S is definitely worth the price tag. The key switches feel both elegant and premium, and the noise they are producing is phenomenal. They are pretty quiet, but there is nice sound while typing. It also has a USB 2.0 Hub with 2 ports that allows you to sync and charge your devices. This is a nice feature, and I would love to see USB ports on even cheaper options. After all, Model S will provide an outstanding experience while programming and you won’t regret buying it. If you have money and you want to invest in something that will give you the best possible performances, you should highly consider buying Model S.


Price of Das keyboards is often high, but I think it is worth it. For this price tag, you are getting a high-quality keyboard that will make your writing job easier and faster than ever.

  • Simple and elegant design
  • Buttons are top notch
  • USB 2.0 hub

  • High price tag

Filco Ninja Majestouch-2



This time, Filco brings another clean and simple keyboard. This one is small, with the nice matte black look. The print is on the side, and that is another big plus for the design in my opinion.

The second keyboard on this list is Ninja Majestouch-2. If you don’t already know about this brand, they are producing great mechanical keyboards. The design is pretty common and there isn’t any kind of backlit. I love to see RGB feature on keyboards, but that is more with gaming ones. The most of these are all black with a similar shape. I also love the fact that it is all matte black and not some shiny black. Shiny things are great but they are also fingerprint magnets. However, this isn’t full-size keyboard, and there isn’t numeric pad on the right. It’s small and compact and it is great for transporting. There is one unique thing about design and that are prints on the buttons. It has side printed buttons, and I think this is great. It looks really clean from the top, but from sitting position, it looks amazing. This is nice little detail that Filco that makes this keyboard special.


As you can see, the print of the buttons is on the side, and that is also useful because the keyboard will look like a new after a lot of time. Switches are MX-blue, but there are other options.

Side printed buttons are also pretty functional in terms of durability because while typing, fingers don’t come in contact with print and they don’t rub them off. This isn’t the biggest problem with high-end keyboards, but it is another layer of protection and it is pretty functional. However, it isn’t all great. Buttons are made from ABS plastic, has have a tendency to shine over time. It is a result of the natural oils on human fingers and it creates a smooth, shiny surface. This isn’t the big deal but keep that in mind when purchasing. Let’s take a look at the switches. It has cherry MX-blue, but you can buy it with red, black or brown ones. Brown switches are nice, but blue ones are the best for long sessions of typing, and you shouldn’t get any others. Another great feature is full N key rollover, and that’s why they include a USB-to-PS2 connector. All in all, this is a great keyboard with great switches. Build quality is excellent and side printed buttons are both good-looking and functional.


Like previous one, this has a big price also. It costs around $150, which is a lot if you ask me. However, for programming, this is one of the things that you need to have, so it is worth the price.

  • Excellent built quality
  • Side printed buttons
  • MX-blue switches
  • Full N key rollover

  • Price is too high
  • ABS plastic buttons

CM Storm QuickFire Rapid



I like products from Cooler Master and I think they look great. This one is a little bit simpler and cleaner, but I think it looks great. It is very small and everything is made of hard plastic.

QuickFire Rapid is pretty small and compact keyboard. Like the previous one on this list, it doesn’t have a numeric pad on the right side of it. A lot of people don’t use it, and I also think it isn’t necessary. It is also very light, weighing only 2 pounds. In compare to larger keyboards, this is pretty light because most of them weight more than 3 pounds.  There is white backlit on this one, and you can customize a lot of different things in the settings. You can choose from brightness to style of backlighting. You can even choose to light up after pressing the key which is impressive if you ask me. It is all matte black with nice white print on buttons. It is very minimalistic, and it will fit into any setup you have. Build quality is at very high level, and everything is rock solid. Every part of it is made with great materials, and I think this is a very important factor while buying expensive accessories for PC. 


This is another small keyboard, without the numeric pad on the right side. It depends on you if you want a keyboard with or without numeric pad. Buttons and everything else is fine.

There are a ton of features on something that looks this simple, and you probably don’t need many of these, but it is nice to see them. First of them are keys. This one has blue switches, they are the best, but you can get it with any other color you want. I will include MX switch comparison at the end of this list. Because of small size, some of the keys are used for more than one thing. For example, F1-F12 keys are also used for controlling media or fine-tuning backlighting. This can cause a little trouble at the beginning, but you will get used to it pretty fast. It also has profiles feature, so you can memorize up to 4 different profiles and easily switch between them. It is clear that it has a lot more features and options than others on this list, and this is great for someone, but on the other hand, it can get complicated


Price is fair in my opinion. It isn't that expensive, and if you like small keyboards like this one, you should definitely consider buying it. It is full of great features and it also looks great.

  • Classic look
  • Great build quality
  • Giant volume scroll-wheel
  • Awesome buttons

  • Very high price tag

 Das Keyboard 4 Professional



It is pretty similar to the previous Das keyboard on this list, but this time it has big media hub on the right side. It is also made of aluminum, so the build quality is very good. I love sturdy keyboards!

This is another Das keyboard, and this time, it’s even more expensive than Model S. However, it has more features, and I really think that this is one of the best keyboards for programming at the moment. It is rock solid because it has an aluminum body, so there isn’t any flexing or breaking. There are big rubber feet on the bottom that prevents the keyboard from slipping and sliding over the table. It is full size and everything is positioned correctly. Like with Model S, there is big media part on the top right corner. I love oversized media button, it is unique and helpful. It looks really classy but there aren’t any lights but I don’t find that necessary. This is Professional version but you can also get Ultimate one, with blank keycaps. It is exactly the same keyboard, but there isn’t any print on buttons, and it looks even cleaner. I wouldn’t suggest buying that model if you aren’t 100% sure about key positions. Like others on this list, you can get this with brown switches, but my advice is to stick with blue ones.


Das 4 really has a lot of features and the most noticeable one is a media hub. I find it very cool and useful. It also has great switches, and you can choose between brown and blue.

Professional version has a lot of great features, and one of them is definitely media hub at top right corner. There are music buttons and one sleep button which I find really useful for everybody that uses this thing a lot. As I mentioned before, there is big volume button. It makes everything easier and cooler, and that is a big plus for Das. Buttons are well made and the sound they produce is amazing. Blue switches are especially for people that type a lot and programmers are one of them. They have gold-plated contact and it is a pleasure to use them for long sessions of typing. Professional also has USB 3.0 hub, with 2 ports. I don’t use them a lot, but there are definitely people that use them every day. I also need to say that 3.0 ports are 10 times faster 2.0 ports, and that is a big difference. It has N key rollover and this time, you don’t need to use a PS2 adapter, because Das made it possible with a USB port. Last but not least, is big magnetic footbar for elevating keyboard. I love the fact that it is also a ruler, so if you ever need something to measure, you can take it from the back of the keyboard. All in all, this is really a high-end keyboard, and you can’t get more than this. It has a pretty high price, but I think it is worth it. The decision is on you, but if you have a budget and you type a lot, my advice is to go with Das Keyboard 4 Professional.


Like I said a lot earlier, Das is famous for making good keyboards at high prices. This one is pretty expensive, but if you have money, go for it! It is really good, and you won't regret buying it.

  • Classic look
  • Great build quality
  • Giant volume scroll-wheel
  • Awesome buttons

  • Very high price tag

 CODE 104-Key Illuminated Mechanical Keyboard



This one looks pretty much the same as others on this list. It has black matte design with print on buttons. However, it has LED backlight and I really love it. It looks so cool in the dark.

WASD is another great brand in the world of mechanical keyboards. They are all well-made and Code deserved to be on this list because it is a gem. Like others here, it isn’t the budget option, but it is definitely worth your money. It looks awesome because it has the simplest look I ever saw. It doesn’t have any special or unique details, it is just the normal keyboard with great features, and one of them is white LED backlighting. It is great and you won’t have problems with finding the right button at night. You can get it with a numeric pad or without, but if you have enough space on your desk, definitely go with full-size one because it is easier to type with that one. Build quality is amazing, and everything feels premium. Rubber feet are greatly positioned so there is zero sliding on the desk. It doesn’t have a ruler like previous one, but it will stay in the place. However, the things I mentioned are pretty normal, and the price is still high? That’s because WASD like many companies spends money wisely and on most important parts, or in this case, features.


Man, the buttons are nice. Maybe this is the best keyboard for programming, who knows? But I know that typing on WASD Code is a pleasure and you will really enjoy the time using it.

Cherry MX blue buttons are simply one of the best buttons right now. They are ‘clicky’ and they also have gold-plated contacts for maximum durability. They are rated at 50 million cycles, which is a big number. As I said before, it has LED backlighting with 7 levels of brightness. You have memory option so you don’t need to spend time over and over on customizing. White backlighting is a nice feature, and I know it isn’t the most useful one, but it is nice to have it. On Code model, up to 6 keys can be pressed at once. N-key rollover is really useful, but you will need to use the PS2 connector, which is included. I would love to see the option to use it with normal USB port, as on Das 4 Professional. If you turn your keyboard upside down, you can see some switches and they are used for even further customization. You can configure many things, and it is a nice thing to have. At the end of the day, this is a great classic keyboard, with amazing buttons. If you are looking for something minimalistic, but great for typing and coding, you should consider this keyboard.


It needs to have some disadvantages, right? Well, it costs a little more than others, and it competes with previous one. I don't know if it is better than Professional 4, but we will see.

  • White backlighting
  • Minimalistic design
  • Great switches with gold-plated contacts

  • Another high price tag on this list

Unicomp Two Tone Ultra Classic



You will either like it or not. It has famous old-school design and I personally like it. It looks like the legendary Model M from IBM. It is made of plastic, but trust me, the build quality is great.

This is a unique piece of the keyboard. Just look at it, it has an ‘old-school’ design with large prints on buttons. The case is all plastic, colored in black, but buttons are all white. I don’t know if you like it or not, but you can’t say that this isn’t just different than anything other on the market. We all remember the legendary IBM Model M, and this is something like that. It is just improved in so many ways, but the design is pretty much the same. It is maybe made of plastic, but it is very durable. It is pretty heavy and you won’t be able to flex it or break it. This is a big plus, and I am sure that Unicomp Ultra Classic can survive a long period without breaking or dying. After all, the design is pretty retro, and you will either like it or dislike it, and that is a fact.


Typing on this thing is different than typing on mechanical one. It requires time to get used to it, but if you are hard-core (every programmer), you will like the way it feels.

I will tell you immediately that typing on this is very different than typing on a normal mechanical keyboard. Yes, it will require some time to get used to it but trust me, it is great. It is really for hard-core guys, that type enormous amount of text every day, and I think programmers are definitely one of them. Buttons are amazing and you will be impressed by them. They are using the old method with spring inside. After the spring cause keyboard to register a keystroke, sound that comes out is very special. It is pretty loud, and it is like on old keyboards from the 80s and 90s. If you think MX blue switches are loud, wait for this. If you are a fan of quiet keyboards, maybe you should skip this one, and search for something else. It doesn’t have any special features like USB hub or media buttons, and that is a con. All in all, this is a great keyboard that doesn’t cost much like others on this list, and the main point of it is to bring the old joy to modern time. If you want something like that, and you are forced to type a lot every single day, you should highly consider buying this machine.


I like the price tag. It isn't cheap, but I think it is worth it. It is very unique and if you want to stand out from the crowd, maybe this is the right choice for you. I recommend buying it!

  • Unique
  • Nice spring key switches
  • Old-school design

  • Not for everyone
  • Zero special features

Realforce 87U Tenkeyless 55g



Yes, this is the most expensive keyboard on the list, and yes, it looks like every other small-factor one. But, I like the black on black buttons. What do you think about this design?

Say hello to the beast. This is one of the most expensive keyboards on this list, and there is a reason for that. The design is pretty standard, nothing special or unique about it. There are no LEDs or some crazy details, and it is also small form factor, without the numeric pad. I don’t think numeric pad on the right side is something necessary, but you can always buy a separate one. It is all black, and even prints on the buttons are black. I love the fact that everything is matte, and not glossy. Glossy black is nice for looking at it, but it is a fingerprint magnet, and you can’t clean it over and over again. Everything is made of plastic, but don’t let that fools you because it is rock solid. Everything is made from high-quality materials and there is no flexing or something similar. I love the option to swap the place of Caps Lock and Shift button, so you can have maximum pleasure while using it.


Realforce 87U 55g is using completely new buttons. It has Topre switches, and they are very different than mechanical one. They are just better, and I can't tell you how much I like them! 

I said that this is a very expensive keyboard, and to be worth the price, it needs to have some good features. To be honest with you, there are no special features like crazy media buttons or something similar, but there are great switches that absolutely approve the price tag. 87U is using 55g Topre switches. These are completely different than any Cherry MX switches on the market. I can’t describe to you how much I love them because it is a whole new experience of typing. Without a doubt, this is the best keyboard for programming and for typing the enormous amount of text every day. This is why this keyboard is definitely worth the price tag. Yes it is expensive and it isn’t for everyone, but if you want to invest your money into something that will pay off, this is it.


Man, just look at it. I don't know what to say. I really love the keyboard, but this is too much. If you have a very big budget, you can go for it because it is great and you won't regret your money. 

  • Insane build quality
  • Classic design
  • Best switches on the market
  • Best keyboard for programming

  • Very, very, very expensive

Mechanical VS Membrane Keyboard

Let’s start with membrane keyboards. I think everybody had this type of keyboard in their life, so you probably had experience with typing on them. They can be pretty similar in design and other features to mechanical one. They can be equipped with all kind of backlighting and media keys. However, it is rare to see cheap membrane keyboard with all that features. But keep in mind that you can’t compare one thing, and that are switches. There is literally no tactile feedback which can make blind typing difficult. Also, they are usually pretty quiet, which is actually good for some situations. But they often don’t have N-Key rollover, so if you are a fast typist, you won’t like this. And last but not least, lifespan. Membrane keyboards can last long, but that isn’t always the case. However, they are affordable, and you should go with them if you are on a really tight budget.

Now, let’s talk about mechanical keyboards. They are getting more and more popular every year, and you should highly consider getting one of them as quick as possible. As I said, mechanical keyboards use a different type of switches to send typing signals. They are easy to press, and you will find yourself typing quicker with a smaller amount of mistakes. They are also coming in a lot of different variants, and you can choose between red, blue, black, brown or other color switches. I will talk more about them a little bit later. They usually have better build-quality, and that means that they are more durable. A lot of them are coming with N-Key rollover, so you can type as fast as possible, without missing any letter in the text. This is a big plus for programmers because they are usually very fast at typing. However, they are more expensive, but I think it is definitely worth the money. If you type a lot, and I am sure you do, mechanical keyboards will make your life easier, trust me.

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Difference between MX Switches

As I mentioned before, there are different types of mechanical switches. They are separated with different colors, and I will explain you every single one of them. I will also tell you about amazing tool that I recommend for every new buyer of mechanical keyboard.

Cherry MX-Red Switches

They are the first one introduced in 2008. They are usually used by gamers, because they are pretty easy to click and that is allowing quicker reaction. So if you are a gamer, and you want something for quicker reaction times, Red switches are great for you.

Cherry MX-Brown Switches

They are in the middle of Red and Blue switches. They are good for gamers because they have a soft press, so you can double tap pretty fast. They are also good for programmers because they have good tactile feedback, but the sound isn’t greatest, or at least as good as on Blues.

Cherry MX-Blue Switches

These are my favorite by far. They have very nice ‘click’ and you will experience the whole new world of typing. The sound they produce is amazing. They are pretty loud, but you will quickly get used to it because it is so good. That’s why these switches are so popular in typing community. However, I don’t recommend using these in the office because they will definitely annoy someone.

Cherry MX-Black Switches

These are one of the first switches in this world, and they are still used today. They are great for gamers because they are pretty quiet and they are non-tactile. With these, you will be able to click pretty fast and use double tap pretty quicker than on the membrane keyboards. However, I recommend staying with Red or Brown switches if you are hard-core gamers.

Cherry MX-Clear Switches

These are definitely the rarest one on the market right now. They are in between of Brown and Blue switches, so they have more of a tactile feel than the Brown, but they are not as loud as Blue ones. I love these, but I love Blue switches more.

Best Switches for Programming

I think the Cherry MX-Blue switches are highly used by programmers and coders, and they are definitely worth the try. They have great tactile feedback and they are pretty ‘clicky’. However, if you also love to game on your PC and you want something quiet, the best choice for you is Brown switch keyboards.

Cherry MX Switch Tester

As I said at the beginning, I will include the best tool for new people in this world. This is the tester with all colors of switches, so you can spend a little time and decide what are the most confortable for you. Testers are pretty cheap, and I really recommend getting one of them. WASD 6-Key is one of the best, and it is also very affordable.

Topre VS Cherry MX-Blue Switches

Well, let’s just say that these are completely different than each other. First, the sound of Topre makes a lot less noise than Cherry MX-Blue. Blue switches are far louder and 'cooler'. I need to say that typing on Blues is really more interesting because of every single detail that comes with one click. Typing on Topre switches has a really soft feeling, but you will definitely notice some tactile. The best thing you can do is test both of them in some tech store near you. However, if you can’t check them in person, my advice is to go with Cherry MX-Blue switches because they are great for programming and long sessions of typing. Another reason is the price. Usually, keyboards with Topre switches cost more than $200, which is definitely a lot.

What Is The Best Keyboard For Programming?

Finally, we are at the end of this long article about the best keyboards for programming. I hope that you learned a lot while reading it, and I hope that you have a clear choice of the future keyboard in your head. Some of them are pretty expensive, but every single keyboard on this list is worth the price. If you are programming all day, you need a good keyboard with a lot of features on it.

My favorite keyboard is definitely Das Keyboard Professional 4. It is big and the build quality is on the highest level. Everything is made of aluminum and hard plastic. Also, there is an infinitive number of great features, and my favorite is big volume button on the right side. It has blue switches, which are by far the best ones for programming and long typing sessions.

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