Dual Processor Motherboard for Gaming? Is It Worth It?

Dual Processor Motherboard

Imagine playing your favorite PC game just when you are on the cusp of victory when suddenly, your screen goes dark. Indeed, nothing is more frustrating for any gamer than to have insufficient PC requirements to run a game. Interestingly, rumors are circulating nowadays that one of the best options to go for in buying … Read more

Best Z170 Motherboard – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Z170 Motherboard - Editor's Choice 2018

The motherboard is very important part of any PC build, and sometimes it can get hard choosing the right one. There are so many motherboards on the market right now, from budget to premium models. It can really get exhausting and annoying trying to find the right one. You also need to be smart while … Read more

Best Case Fans – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Case Fans - Editor's Choice 2018

Temperature of PC is a really important thing and if you think it isn’t, you are living in a big lie. Components can get hot pretty easy after long gaming sessions and that’s when they become slower and you lose performances in gaming. That’s why it is important to have nice only the best case … Read more

Best Motherboard For i7-7700K – Editor’s Choice 2021

Best Motherboard For i7-7700K - Editor's Choice 2018

Intel Core i7-7700K is a pretty powerful processor, and if you want maximum experience at gaming or video editing, you also need a great motherboard. There are so many new motherboards on the market right now, and some of them are great, but on the other hand, some are bad.Best OverallBest PremiumBest BudgetAsus ROG Maximus … Read more

Best Graphics Card Under $100 or $200 – Editor’s Choice 2021

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Finding right GPU is really hard, maybe even the hardest part of building good gaming PC. Especially if you are on a budget and you need to pick wisely. Picking the best graphics card under $100 or $200 can be a little hard, but it is doable.  Today, I will show you what are the best … Read more

Best Gaming Monitor under $200 – Editor’s Choice 2021

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Every gamer needs a good monitor, but, there are so many of them on market, and choosing the best gaming monitor under $200 is hard. All of them are similar with almost the same specification and slightly different design. There are so many of gaming monitors on Amazon now. I didn’t know that until I … Read more