MSI vs. ASUS Motherboards, What Motherboard brand is better?

If you are building your own PC regardless of the reason, one of the most important things that you need to take into consideration is the motherboard. The good news is that there are a number of good options that are currently available. Among the most famous brands currently available in the market includes MSI and ASUS. The comparison involving these brands is often talked about. Which one is the best option for you? Read through to learn some more.

What is MSI Motherboard?

An MSI Motherboard offers the following features:

  • In terms of aesthetics, MSI offers a good fight. The brand offers a complete white motherboard range, which is appealing to the crowd.
  • Talking about performance, an MSI motherboard can do a fine task, while higher-end profiles are designed to compete with ASUS boards in terms of stability. The only downside is that they are generally more expensive than other models.
  • MSI is just a few miles behind ASUS in terms of UEFI, but they are competitive enough.
  • The software solutions of MSI are amazing, even better than other options out there.
  • An MSI motherboard comes with a 1-year standard warranty.

What is ASUS Motherboard?

An ASUS Motherboard offers the following features

  • Superior aesthetics. The company has given good attention to make sure that design and appeal are given priority.
  • Performance-wise, ASUS is a leader without a doubt. This is particularly true because of the level of stability that is famous among ASUS motherboards. They are pleasing to both beginners and professionals.
  • They come with multiple software solutions that improve the entire user experience.
  • ASUS motherboards offer high-profile UEFI, providing incomparable interface and better control.
  • All motherboards come with a 3-year warranty or more.

MSI vs. ASUS Motherboards

One good way to compare the two brands of motherboards is to look at specific features that these have to offer.


There is no question that aesthetics and design are important, especially in our times right now. One reason is that many gamers are looking after the best color coordination. MSI and ASUS are completely aware of the benefits of having good aesthetics. As such, these brands try their very best just to offer the best aesthetics that you could possibly think of.

Both brands offer amazing color choices. MSI, for example, even offers a special white motherboards lineup, named the Arctic series. Because of the variety of color choices that are available out there, choosing the best one mostly depends on your personal preferences.

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As modern technology continues to progress, most manufacturers and users have included software as among the most important factors to consider. Both hardware and software have become closely associated with each other. As a matter of fact, the hardware is only as of the accompanying software.

MSI and ASUS offer their own list of software. One thing to note, however, is that ASUS offers essential software solutions that can be used in completely controlling the motherboard when booted in Windows. MSI, on the other hand, offers software solutions that are competitive, but do not offer that level of granular control offered by ASUS.

In terms of granular software solutions, the AI Suite 3 of ASUS is well-praised, all thanks to its capability of giving you that unique level of freedom in controlling how the motherboard. At the same time, most of the components will also work well to achieve the experiences that you are trying to achieve. 


When it comes to performance, motherboards from both MSI and ASUS have offered the best performance possible. The performance involves a number of factors, including stability. Stability is one thing that is offered by both brands. ASUS, however, earned a reputation of offering amazing stability to its motherboards.

For example, overclockers are happy to know that they offer APEX motherboards which are designed with overclocking in mind. As such, they are best for professionals and hobbyists. With this in mind, the efforts of MSI is also good, with their high profile motherboards in terms of stability. Between MSI and ASUS, the latter offers better performance. 

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Warranty Cost

MSI motherboards are available with a 1-year warranty. This only means that all motherboard options under this brand, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones come with one-year protection.

On the other hand, ASUS offers a different warranty option. In fact, ASUS motherboards come with 3 years across all motherboards. However, both the TUF and the TUF Gaming series are available with 5 years warranty. Mining Expert boards offer a 90-day warranty and a 1-year warranty for Tinker motherboards. 

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface

Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) is currently making waves, serving as a replacement of the BIOS. It is known to offer an amazing interface. Most importantly, it also comes with granular control, allowing you to have freedom on how you control your motherboard.

Both MSI and ASUS are tirelessly working on enhancing the UEFI. ASUS, however, offer the best experiences in this aspect, not only about its easy access, but also the level of granularity. All can be easily controlled using the ASUS UEFI. Most importantly, there is no need to be extra knowledgeable because they will make the entire experience easier. ASUS takes the lead in this regard.

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Getting into a single option that will meet your needs and preferences is not completely impossible. After all, your requirements may be different from that of another person. Still, ASUS seems to have the upper hand in terms of being the better motherboard partner. It does not mean, however, that MSI motherboards are no good. In fact, there are amazing MSI boards out there. The only downside with MSI boards is that they do not have a similar level of customization, control, and granular control that is obviously offered by ASUS. Bottom line, if you are interested in finding a good motherboard that is best for Intel’s 9th Gen platform, check the features that you would like to have, and start the comparison from there.


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