Easy Fix for the “NVIDIA Installer Failed” Issue

nvidia installer failed

If you’re one of those who recently upgraded to Windows 10 or recently updated your hardware, you may get the error that your NVIDIA installer failed. In a nutshell, an NVIDIA graphics driver is a software that allows your hardware to communicate with the rest of the system. For gamers out there, whenever you install a … Read more

How to Fix DNS Probe Finished No Internet Error

DNS probe finished no internet

When your internet browser displays the DNS probe finished no internet error message, it’s telling you that your computer’s DNS server cannot process your request to connect to a website. This happens when you have no internet access or when something is preventing your computer to load pages. In that case, your browser is informing you … Read more

How to Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error

DNS server not responding

Whether you’re downloading a file, working on an important task, surfing the web, it can be annoying when your internet connection suddenly stops working. Many things may have caused this, but the most common root cause is the DNS server not responding error.The first thing that you may do when you lost your internet connection … Read more

How to Choose A Graphics Card, Things You Shall Consider

Choose A Graphics Card

Writing in worry about getting a graphics card, are you? It’s not uncommon for the gadget-savvy to get an up-to-date graphics card every now and then. With the need for better visuals and higher viewing resolution on the rise thanks to newer game releases and the recent demand for the cryptocurrency, people have found themselves opting … Read more

Optical vs Laser Gaming Mouse, Which One Should You Buy?

Laser_ Optical_Gaming Mouse

It’s a great idea to put some thought into buying your gaming mouse. After all, these gaming peripherals don’t necessarily come cheap. Whether you’re looking for a laser gaming mouse or an optical gaming mouse, you should know that the market is filled to the brim with them, making it so easy to just be … Read more